Wednesday, July 15, 2015

15 Months!

ITime is FLYING!!

Evelyn and Sophie are 15 months old and getting so big! They are learning new things and amazing their mom and dad daily. Over the past couple weeks, the girls have both taken their very first steps and are becoming better walkers every day!

In addition to walking, the girls are both doing a lot of other fun stuff. Evie talks nonstop. Her favorite words are Dada, Mama, and ball, but she jabbers constantly about who-knows-what! Sophie talks too, but not constantly like Evie does. Her favorite things to say are Dada and buh-bye (which comes out as duh-dye when Sophie says it and is always accompanied by the sweetest little wave.) They love to clap, feed themselves and do "so big!"

Evie has 9 teeth and Sophie has 11. They are both getting molars, which has been a blast over the last few weeks... NOT.

The girls go to bed between 8 and 8:30 and wake up between 8:30 and 9am. They take one nap which is about an hour and a half long.

Today, we took the girls for a neurodevelopmental checkup... Something little preemies need to do to assess how well they are doing with meeting developmental milestones. Here is a little summary of what we found out:

First and foremost, 8:15 am is not the ideal time to ask toddlers to show off everything they can do... Especially when they don't even normally wake up until at least 9. For all of the assessments today, they could only give credit to the girls if they SHOWED them they could do the "skills." We could tell them that Sophie can walk until we were blue in the face, but they wouldn't give her credit until they saw her do it (which they never did.) So, we didn't really get an accurate assessment in most areas.

Evelyn weighs 26 lbs. 10 oz. (96th percentile!) and is 31.5" long. Based on the physical and occupational therapy evaluations, she is at an 11 month level, but they assured us that is lower than where she's actually at because there were quite a few things she refused to show off. For language understanding, she was at a 15 month level, and for language expression (talking,) she was at a 17 month level. Not surprising... That girl LOVES to talk!

Sophie weighs 22 lbs. 6 oz. (64th percentile) and is 29" long. She was at an 11 month level for gross motor skills and a 9 month level for fine motor skills... Again, lower than the level she is actually at. She scored at a 15 month level for language understanding and a 8 month old level for talking... Probably because by that point she was doing more crying than talking.

Even though the girls appear "delayed" based on the findings of these assessments, nobody was concerned about the girls' development, which brings me to the conclusion that the tests they did were pointless! (Just kidding... kind of.) They sent us home with some things to work on, and we will be deciding along with the girls' pediatrician if it is necessary to go back for another assessment in 8 months. My hunch is that we'll decide that we don't need to go back unless we notice anything concerning before then.

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